Mackwoods Limited became the first official Member of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce

Lanka Business Today (LBT) - 25 June 2014  

Mackwoods Limited became the first official Member of the Chamber. From a modest start, the Chamber is now an apex organization that brings together corporates, sector associations, regional chambers and bilateral business councils. Today, over 3,500 corporates are affiliated to the Chamber, representing a wide cross-section from blue chip public quoted companies to regional SME's.

Mackwoods Energy powers northern railway stations

13 Mar 2014  

Mackwoods Energy was selected to supply and install 28 Air Cooled Power Generators at all Northern Line railway stations from Medawachchiya to Kankesanthurai creating history. The  Northern Line railway stations will now have prime as well as standby MACKPOWER power  generators to maintain the railway signalling systems, safety lighting, warning  systems etc. thereby helping to avert any disasters.

The new railway line and 28 stations are expected to be fully completed and vested with the public by the Government this year. The railway stations to be fully powered by Mackwoods  Energy are, Anuradhapura, Paras-angaswewa, Cheddikulam, Madu Road, Muukkan, Mannar, Pessalei, Tallei Mannar, Vavuniya, Thandikullam, Omanthei, Killinochi, Puliyakulam, Mankulam, Murankandy, Oyamadu, Settikulam, Medawachchiya, Para-nthan, Pallei,  Elephant  Pass, Kodikaman, Chawakachcheri, Jaffna, Kondawilli, Chunnakkam  and Kankesanthurai.
All the power generators selected were Air Cooled and underwent extensive tests and trials for reliability, low breakdown time, low and easy maintenance, low capex, fuel efficiency and high power output.

Mackwoods to open electric vehicle charging stations

02 Feb 2014  

Mackwoods Energy PLC (MEP) is aiming to set up electric vehicle charging stations across the country, officials said.

“Currently we’re doing some market studies on this. Most probably this year we’ll roll it out,” Arjuna Yatawara, MEP Managing Director told the Business Times. He said they plan to set up roadside charging stations. “We’ll also be discussing with some petrol stations to build charging stations,” he said.

While this will initially be a pilot project, he said that already this concept has widespread interest. “The most obvious advantage of electric car batteries is that they don’t produce the pollution associated with internal combustion engines,” Mr. Yatawara said, pointing out that another important advantage of battery-powered motors over gas-powered engines is the lower cost of the fuel – that is, electricity for electric vehicles is way cheaper than gas for the internal combustion engines.

Last year Mackwoods Energy’s hydro projects made progress, albeit slower than expected due to unforeseen delays experienced as a result of the long chain of approval processes, transmission line/grid availability issues and due to changes in policy and administrative procedures, Mr. Yatawara said. Pending approval of the hydro projects the company as an interim measure is proceeding under the CEB net metering scheme, as a prelude to the full implementation of the projects with grid connectivity.

“To optimally position the company for the next phase of expansion, several initiatives in the renewable energy sector as well as in the energy saving sector have been undertaken, thus distributing the risks among a wider product and service portfolio. Last year Mackwoods Energy also laid the foundation for expansion into related areas of renewable energy such as Biogas, Bio, Mass, Solar and Wind with the latter three being mainly for grid supply,” Mr. Yatawara said.

The outlook for the power and energy sector remains positive with the Sri Lankan economy expected to continue on a high growth trajectory in the country’s accelerated post-conflict development scenario, he added.

The company’s thermal power business is forecast to grow, with the launch of high capacity power generators from sourced from manufactures in UK, Singapore and China where agencies have already been secured. Expansion into new business lines, such as energy saving power distribution panels, industrial and commercial air conditioning and refrigeration and water treatment, was launched with a few test projects, and product performance is under evaluation before commercialization and several options for scaling up the power distribution panel business are currently under evaluation with a view to diversifying into complementary lines.

Mr. Yatawara added that projects currently being developed include Biogas technology to the hospitality industry, a Waste-to-Energy Project using Municipality developed include Biogas technology to the hospitality industry, a Waste-to-Energy Project using Municipality Solid Waste, a Biomass/Dendro project and a 1MW solar power plant on a land already made available in the Kalutara District.

HRH Prince Charles visits the Mackwoods Tea Estate

16 November 2013  

The Prince of Wales visits
the Mackwoods Tea Estate, Sri Lanka

Launch of Dr.Chris Nonis's website

Mackwoods Energy powers Telecom Sector

22 April 2012  

Mackwoods Energy as a key infrastructure outsource partner of Airtel was instrumental in its rollout launch in 2008 and played a critical role in powering 153 towers within 45 days and continued to be involved in its expansion activities numbering 588 towers . Mackwoods Energy has also successfully introduced its power solutions to Dialog Axiata Plc and is currently instrumental in providing solutions for its expansions and roll outs in the north and eastern provinces in Sri Lanka. Mackwoods power solutions will mean low capex and opex costs for telecom network operators and less downtime leading to telecom operators being able to effectively compete in the market place and improve their own efficiencies, and invest further in expansions. Mackwoods Energy also has commenced providing solutions to other telecommunications operators such Huawei, Hutch, Suntel and Sri Lanka telecom, whilst also providing solutions to Dhiraagu Telecommunications Maldives .

Mackwoods Energy , as a power solutions provider has undertaken many assignments with a firm commitment to reach excellence in all spheres of activity such as Power Generator and Diesel engine supply and providing solutions for Electrical Engineering, Telecommunications Engineering , Marine Engineering including installation and commissioning. Its reputation has been built on successful completion of key projects in a number of industries - plantation, telecommunications, leisure and travel, education, defence , condominium and construction, are critical to the Sri Lankan economy's steady post-war recovery. The company today has emerged as a leading supplier of power solutions to industry by offering a 24 hour service through out the year Island wide and has over 4050 installations.

Its pursuance of high standards of process quality is reflected in its successful completion of many projects in Sri Lanka and Overseas , and is in receipt of the prestigious ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 by SGS UK.

Mackwoods Energy's is a member of the Mackwoods Group .Established in 1841 , Mackwoods has the distinction of being the second oldest Mercantile Company in Sri Lanka and is a conglomerate of several companies engaged in Plantations, Agri Business, Information Technology, Healthcare, Industry, Manufacturing, Hotels, Tourism , Stock Broking, Financial Services, Real Estate, and ICT. With over 170 years of experience in business, Mackwoods is synonymous with integrity, stability and diversity both locally and internationally. Mackwoods Energy's recent IPO for Rs 350 million was fully subscribed granting an opportunity to the public to participate in empowering the Nation.

Sri Lanka’s Mackwoods Energy IPO oversubscribed

23 March 2012  

Sri Lanka’s Mackwoods Energy Limited’s Initial Public Offering has been oversubscribed.

The Company which opened its subscription list yesterday morning, closed it at 4.30 pm on the same day.

Mackwoods Energy Limited is planning to raise Rs. 350 million via its IPO by offering 25 million ordinary voting shares at a price of Rs. 14 each.

Mackwoods Energy, is a part of the Mackwoods group which is engaged in the businesses of healthcare, agribusiness, financial services, hotel’s and leisure among many others.

Mackwoods open to other IPOs after Mackwoods Energy goes public

18 March 2012  
By Duruthu Edirimuni Chandrasekera

Mackwoods Energy Ltd, a subsidiary of the Mackwoods group is going public to raise some Rs 350 million to build hydro power plants and expand existing business. The company is also open to public subscriptions in other sectors they are in, in the future, officials said.

“Mackwoods is open to other IPOs (Initial Public Offerings) in other sectors in the future,” Arjuna Yatawara Managing Director, Mackwoods Energy told the Business Times on the sidelines of the IPO launch this week in Colombo. When asked whether it was wise to launch this IPO at a time when the markets weren’t performing, Mr. Yatawara noted that there’s nothing called the 'right time' to launch an IPO. “The share issue price at Rs 14 is attractively priced and we feel it will be oversubscribed,” he added.

Chairman Mackwoods Group, Nirmali Samaratunga said, “Recognizing the power sector as an essential driver of socio-economic development of the country, the Mackwoods Group has strategically focused on this sector through its subsidiary Mackwoods Energy Ltd, as a priority.”

She added that Mackwoods’ aim is to rapidly harness the available sources of energy particularly renewable energy, and contribute to meet the fast growing energy need of the country through the provision of cost effective energy solutions. “We invite the public to participate in this initiative in this high potential sector and be a part of the 170 year heritage of Mackwoods whilst contributing the country’s development.”

The diversified conglomerate which has a 42% presence in telecommunications and 13% in plantations is going into power plants, marine engineering and marine power generation, newly supplying 6.2 Mega Watts (MW) to the national grid.

The company will use the IPO money on Rs. 80 million for finance working capital requirements for thermal energy generation, Rs. 175 million to finance five small hydro power projects and Rs. 72 million to diversify into related products, markets and services.

Whilst hydropower has been the primary source of electricity generation in Sri Lanka until a few decades ago, the continuous rise in electricity demand has resulted in thermal power generation using fossil fuels emerging as an equally dominant contributor to the country’s electricity supply. In 2010, the contribution of thermal power to the national electricity demand stood at 47% whilst the rest was supplied using hydropower. In addition to the above, much emphasis has been placed recently on the use of Non-Conventional Renewable Energy (NCRE) sources such as small hydro, wind and biomass to meet the growing electricity demand of the country. The installed capacity in 2010 amounted to 2818 MW where total electricity generation for the same period stood at 10714 GWh in order to meet a

Sri Lanka's Mackwoods Energy plans hydro plants of 6.4MW
13 March 2012  

Mar 13, 2012 (LBO) - Mackwoods Energy Limited, a unit of Sri Lanka's privately held Mackwoods group is is raising 350 million rupees from a public offer to build hydro power plants and expand existing business, officials said.

The firm is offering 25 million shares at 14 rupees and it will have 100 million shares after the initial public offer.

Nirmalie Samaratunga, co-chairperson of the 170 years old business group said the group employed over 8,000 people and was in agri-business, plantations, information technology, financial services, leisure and real estate.

"The IPO will enable the company to diversify its present operations and expand its activities in the renewable energy sector," she said.

In the six months to September 2011, the firm has reported profits of 41.02 million rupees on revenues of 131 million rupees in its prospectus.

Nilendra Weerasinghe, from NDB Investment Bank, advisors to the issue said the firm made 63 million rupees in the 10 months to January 2011.

The bulk of its revenues now come from the sale of diesel engines and generators.

But it is planning to build five mini-hydro plants at a cost of 1,140 million rupees, whose revenues are expected to flow from around 2014, Dharshan Perera chief executive of NDB Investment Bank said.

Mackwoods Energy launches Rs. 350mn IPO

13 March 2012  

Mackwoods Energy yesterday launched its Rs. 350 million Initial Public Offering (IPO) of 25 million ordinary shares at Rs. 14 each.

The issue, which opens on 22 March, will see 25% of the company’s shares vested with the public if fully subscribed to be listed on the main board of the Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE).

Of the funds raised, Rs. 80 million will be used to finance working capital requirements for thermal energy generation, Rs. 175 million to finance five small hydro power projects and Rs. 72 million to diversify into related products, markets and services.

In the year ended September 2011 the company’s turnover was Rs. 131 million and net profit for the year Rs. 41 million. Revenue is expected to grow to Rs. 280 million in 2012.

Dr. Chris Nonis appointed as Sri Lanka's High Commissioner to the U.K.

29 August 2011  
His Excellency President Mahinda Rajapaksa handing over credentials to Dr. Chris Nonis at Temple Trees recently, on Dr. Nonis' appointment as Sri Lanka's High Commissioner to the United Kingdom.

Rather than just 'I' - Dr. Chris Nonis

BUSINESS TODAY - September 2011

By Udeshi Amarasinghe

With a plethora of experiences from diverse sectors ranging from medicine to international affairs to business, Dr Chris Nonis has worked and lived in both Sri Lanka and Britain, and as such he is ideally placed to take up the position as the Sri Lankan High Commissioner to Britain. Currently the Chairman of the Mackwoods Group, the lessons he has learnt from his parents and grandparents have enabled him to acquire multifaceted skills and knowledge Through constructive dialogue and discussion with diverse personalities he has learnt to be non-judgmental of people and believes that Sri Lankans have the responsibility to utilise this hard earned peace to respect pluralism and diversity, where selflessness is more important, and where one should think more about others rather than just “I”. - Dr Chris Nonis

For all our communities to join together and rebuild our nation: What Sri Lanka needs now is to be given graciousness of heart and generosity of spirit - Dr. Chris Nonis

The Island - 16 July 2011

Dr. Chris Nonis with Lord Howell of Guildford,
Minister of State for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office at Rhodes House, Oxford

Dr. Chris Nonis, Trustee of the Ramphal Centre for Commonwealth Policy Studies, an independent think tank on policy issues for the Commonwealth and its member states, addressed the Ramphal Centre Commission on Migration and Development at Rhodes House, Oxford last week. Patrons of the Ramphal Centre include Lee Kuan Yew, Malcolm Fraser, Vincent Cable MP, Brian Mulroney, Lord Patten, and. PJ Patterson.

Dr. Nonis spoke about the role of the migrant Diaspora as agents of development for Sri Lanka and the manner in which their potential could be -

- harnessed to assist Sri Lanka’s programme of development in the post-conflict era. He articulated the principles of the "Mahinda Chintana" and President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s vision of achieving growth with equity, and the imperative of bridging the urban-rural divide.

Daily News - 14 July 2011 Dr Chris Nonis highlights 'Mahinda Chintana' at Rhodes House, Oxford
Sunday Times - 24 July 2011 Sri Lankan HC designate speaks at Oxford’s Rhodes House
Dr. Chris Nonis presents prizes at the Jaffna International Trade Fair 2011
Presentation of prizes by Dr.Chris Nonis and the Mackwoods Team,
Jaffna International Trade Fair 2011
Mackwoods Childrens Competition at the Jaffna International Trade Fair 2011
Mackwoods Childrens Competition at the Jaffna International Trade Fair 2011

Mackwoods among the five new firms join Stockbroking Community

23 May 2010  

Commercial Bank (CB), Bank of Ceylon (BoC), Richard Pieris, Mackwood Group’s Calridge Ltd and India Infolines, who have been short listed for a retail stock broking licence by the Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE), are preparing to set up operations, according to informed sources.

These were among several companies who applied for a license. Under the rules, the CSE shortlists the firms who are then required to set up their office and then apply for a stockbroking licence to the Securities and Exchange Commission. The sources said if CB gets the licence, it would be returning to this sector after about a 10-year spell, while Richard Pieris and Mackwoods are new entrants.

Helplanka and Mackwoods host Christmas Programme for Deaf and Blind Children in Jaffna

30 December 2010  

Equipped with 55 analogue hearing aids donated by St Helier Hospital in Carshalton Surrey UK, Sam Goonetillake and the Helplanka Team arranged a Christmas party with a difference at The Nuffield School for Deaf and Blind in Jaffna Northern Sri Lanka on December 9th 2010. Funded by donations from UK donors and supported by UK MPs Tom Brake and Stephen Hammond the Charity also gave out 250 caps generously donated by Mackwoods.

Commenting on this special programme, Sam Goonetillake Chief Executive of Helplanka said: “I would like to thank Dr Chris Nonis CEO of Mackwoods for their generous contribution all the children loved their caps! This was a very special Christmas celebration made possible by the hard work and generosity of UK donors and St Helier Hospital, The Sri Lanka Helplanka Team and the work of Stephen and Tom. Indeed their contribution has made a valuable long term difference in the lives of these children and we hope that we can continue to support these projects in the future We will be asking all Hospital Trusts in the UK to donate any unwanted hearing aids to Helplanka and will be writing to the UK Health Minister and to David Cameron urging their support in this campaign.”

SriLankan Airlines' role in country's future reaffirmed
Daily News - 10 September 2010

Director Manilal Fernando, Director Dr Chris Nonis,
Chairman Nishantha Wickremasinghe, MP Namal Rajapaksa,
Ports and Aviation Deputy Minister Dayashritha Tissera at the event.
The Sri Lankan Government reaffirmed the important role that SriLankan Airlines will play in the nation's future, as the national carrier celebrated its 31st anniversary.

MP Namal Rajapaksa speaking at the airline's anniversary celebration in Katunayake on September 3, said: "SriLankan Airlines has faced numerous challenges during its 31-year history, and must now step up and play its part in the Government's vision to transform Sri Lanka into a hub for tourism and aviation."

With the scourge of terrorism eradicated forever, the Government has now invested a considerable sum to bring the entire ownership of SriLankan Airlines back to Sri Lanka, and clear the way for the airline to expand rapidly according to the detailed plan that has been drawn up.
Manilal, Chris appointed to UL Board
Daily FT - 10 June 2010
Top business leaders and professionals Manilal Fernando and Dr.Chris Nonis have been appointed to the Board to Directors of the national carrier Sri Lankan Airlines. The new appointments are a part of what the carrier said President Mahinda Rajapaksa's efforts to strengthen the Board of Directors as it prepares to take on a leading role in the expansion of Sri lanka's post-war economic boom.
Sri Lankan Airlnes Prepares for the Future Under Strengthened Board
Daily Mirror - 10 June 2010
President, Mahinda Rajapaksa, has strengthened the Board of Directors of SriLankan Airlines, as the National Carrier prepares to take on a leading role in the expansion of Sri Lanka's post-war economic boom.

Mr. Nishantha Wickremasinghe has been re-appointed Chairman. With him on the Board are Mr. Nihal Jayamanne, PC, Mr. Kapila Chandrasena, and Mr. Shameendra Rajapaksa, all of whom have been re-appointed. Joining them on the Board are Mr. Manilal Fernando and Dr. Chris Nonis. Chairman Nishantha Wickremasinghe said: "SriLankan Airlines intends to be an important player in the post-war growth of Sri Lanka's economy, including tourism, air cargo exports, aircraft engineering, airline training, in-flight catering, and supporting airport infrastructure development. We have drawn up a new five-year plan, which is targeted towards bringing the National Carrier to profitability while at the same time acting as the catalyst for growth." Mr. Wickremasinghe has been the Chairman of SriLankan Airlines since June 2009, prior to which he served the airline as its Acting Chairman, Executive Director, and Director. He has served on the Board since January 2006.

Mackwoods Hosts Children from IDP Centre, Vavuniya, at Mackwoods Tea Shop, Nuwara-Eliya
Mackwoods hosts children from IDP Centre, Vavuniya at Mackwoods Tea Shop, Nuwara-Eliya.
Dr. Chris Nonis at the Opening of the Noragalla Tea Factory
Dr. Chris Nonis and Mackwoods Team at the opening of the Noragalla Tea Factory and Rest Room for plantation workers at Noragalla Estate
Donation of an Ambulance to the Frotoft Estate community
Donation of an Ambulance for the healthcare of the Frotoft Estate Community
Lessons of "Malaysian Magic" for Sri Lanka
Daily FT - 10 June 2010

Giving resonance to Malaysia's former Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohomad's key note address at the Business Leaders' Forum organised by the Sri Lanka-Malaysia Business Council yesterday, key officials in the form of Deputy Finance Minister Sarath Amunugama, Central Bank Governor Ajith Nivard Cabraal, Dilog Telekom Group CEO, Dr. Hans Wijayasuriya and Sri Lanka-Malaysia Business Council Vice-President, Dr. Chris Nonis, chaired the panel discussion to analyse the priority challenges for an emerging Sri Lanka.

Dr. Chris Nonis at the Opening of Rest Room for Factory Workers at Mackwoods Tea Estate
Dr. Chris Nonis and Mackwoods Team at the opening of rest room for factory workers at Mackwoods Tea Estate
Lessons of "Malaysian Magic" for Sri Lanka
Daily News - 10 June 2010

Seated Left to Right: Dialog Telekom Group CEO, Dr Hans Wijayasuriya, Deputy Finance Minister Dr Sarath Amunugama,
SLMBC Vice President and Mackwoods Chairman Dr.Chris Nonis Chairman of the Business Leaders' Forum
Prime Minister D.M.Jayaratne, Former Prime Minister of Malaysia Dr. Mahathir Mohomed, SLMBC President Kevin de Silva
and Central Bank Governor Ajith Nivard Cabraal at the Meeting.

With new opportunities opened in Sri Lanka due to the Government's accelerated development program there is tremendous scope for foreign investments and public-private partnership, Prime Minister D.M.Jayaratne said.

The first Internationa Business Council Leaders' Forum organised by the Sri Lanka-Malaysia Business Council was held yesterday.

Dr. Chris Nonis opens the Rural ICT Literacy Center at Frotoft Estate

Dr. Chris Nonis addresses the parents and children at the opening of the "ICT & English Literacy Centre" in Frotoft Estate, Nuwaraeliya in partnership with Mackwoods Infotec, Mackwoods I.T and the Mackwoods Research Foundation on Frotoft Estate.
Need of the hour to confront economic challenges and concentrate on rapid development – Prof. Peiris
Sunday Island - February 2010
Prof.Peiris opening an Agro Products Factory during his visit to the Galle district. Anil Koswatte, Chairman, EDB, Ms. Rehka Hewaliyanage, Director, EDB and Chris Nonis, Chairman, Mackwoods are also in the picture. Also in attendance were Ms. Sujatha Weerakoon, Director-General, EDB, Prasad Daluwatte and Regional Director, Southern Province.
Mackwoods Ladies Strokeplay Golf Championship from June 25
The Island - 18 June 2010

Victoria Golf and Country Club in Kandy is to host the Mackwoods Ladies Strokeplay Golf Championship 2010 from June 25 to 27.

The tournament was inaugurated in 1974 and since then it was sponsored by Mackwoods Limited over the years in memory of the first Sri Lankan Chairman of the company, Mr. N. S. O. Mendis.

Since then the tradition has been followed by his daughter late Mrs. Sriyani Nonis and the grandchildren. Presently, Dr. Chris Nonis, Chairman and Mrs. Nirmalee Samaratunge, Co-Chairman and Jt. Managing Director, continue to support the Sri Lanka Golf Union in their long-standing sponsorship of this event.

Mackwoods Golf from today
Daily Mirror - 25 June 2010

An exciting weekend of golf is set to get underway at the picturesque Victoria Golf and Country Club, Digana Kandy commencing today, when the ladies are billed to feature in competitive golf for the Mackwoods Challenge Trophy.

The Championship was inaugurated in 1974 and has since been sponsored by Mackwoods Limited over the years in memory of its first Sri Lankan Chairman N.S.O Mendis. The tradition has been followed by his daughter the late Sriyani Nonis and grandchildren. Presently, Dr Chris Nonis, Chairman and Nirmalee Samaratunge, the Co-Chairman and Joint Managing Director continue to support the Sri Lanka Golf Union with their long standing sponsorship of the event. The Mackwoods Stoke Play Golf Championship is one of the most prestigious tournaments in the ladies golfing calendar and much participation and enthusiasm is rest assured. The event is organized by the Sri Lanka Golf Union, the governing body for golf in Sri Lanka.

Holistic Early Childhood Care & Development Programme
Holistic Early Childhood Care & Development Programme organised at Mackwoods Mackwoods Tea Estate.
Science seminar for University & Research Scientists at Taprospa.
Science seminar for University & Research Scientists on "Applications of PCR Gene Technology", at Taprospa "Footprints" Resort.
Sri Lanka's Mackwoods Builds on its Reputation as Tea Pioneer
Tea & Coffee Journal - by Larry Luxner
COLOMBO, Sri Lanka — With annual sales of $60 million, Mackwoods Ltd. makes everything from medical equipment to mango juice, and has interests in a variety of business sectors ranging from software development to swanky beach hotels.

But tea is what made Mackwoods famous. Established in 1841 by William Mackwood, this privately owned empire ranks as the second-oldest company in Sri Lanka.

"Mackwoods is one of the pioneers of the tea industry," said Mackwoods' 43-year-old chairman, Chris Nonis. My grandfather, N.S.O. Mendis, bought the company from the Mackwood family in 1956," he told The Tea & Coffee Trade Journal during an interview in Colombo.

"He was the first Sri Lankan to make a successful takeover bid in the City of London. Since then, Mackwoods has remained in our family."

Nonis said that his mother, Sriyani Nonis, "was the only female in Sri Lanka to head a plantation company." When she died in 2005, Nonis — who had spent 28 years in England — returned to take over leadership of Mackwoods.

Some 20 companies currently fall under the Mackwoods umbrella, which consists of five sectors: healthcare (pharmaceuticals, medical and scientific equipment); agribusiness (tea, rubber and oil palm); import/export (industrial chemicals, essential oils, organic food products and fibers); IT and computer software, and finally leisure tourism.
H.E. Dato Rosil Ismail, Malaysian High Commissioner Providing Gifts to the Underpriviledge Children at Taprospa "Footprints" Resort
H.E. Dato Rosli Ismail, Malaysian High Commissioner providing gifts to the underprivileged children from Bethlehem Creche, Wanathamulla, at Taprospa ‘Footprints”
Health programmes at Mackwoods Tea Estates
Health education, prevention & screening
programme organised by Mackwoods at Kiriwanaketiya estate for the plantation workers
Oil Palm investments by RPCs showing high returns
Daily News - May, 2010
The Planter’s Association of Ceylon says diversification by Regional Plantation Companies (RPCs) in to non traditional areas such as palm oil cultivation & processing, is showing good results.

The AEN palm oil processing mill, a joint venture with the Agalawatte, Elpitiya and Namunukula Plantations, is one such project that has shown impressive results in terms of high productivity, improved value addition & export capability and higher ROIs for the plantation companies while also benefiting domestic consumers.

Dr. Chris Nonis opens the Rural I.C.T Training Centre for Rural Youth on Niriella Estate
Opening of the “Rural ICT Training Centre” for estate youth, in partnership with Mackwoods Infotec and the Mackwoods Research Foundation on Niriella Estate.
Celebrating World Womens' Day at Mackwoods Tea Estate
Most Respected Entities in Sri Lanka - The Top 100
Q: What are your Company's key strengths - and weakness, if any?
A: A defining strength of Mackwoods lies in its 167-year-old heritage - which reflects stability, integrity and resilience in the face of adversity - underpinned by a consistent strategy of selective diversification within our areas of expertise; our continues drive towards expansion of international trade; and pursuit of value creation and innovation-led growth, therby ensuring our long-term sustainability.

In addition, Mackwoods epitomises a unique corporate model of positive growth spanning the 19th, 20th, 21st centuries - and, today, is a conglomerate of several comapnies engaged in key sectors of the Sri Lankan economy: namely Healthcare (Pharmaceuticals, Medical Equipment, Scientific & Laboratory Equipment); Agribusiness & Plantations (Tea, Rubber & Oil Palm); ICT Education and Software Development; Imports & Exports; Industrial Machinery & Equipment; Industrial Chemicals; Energy Sector; Leisure Sector; and Manufacturing Sector. We provide empolyment to nearly 9,500 individuals and manage a land base of over 27,000 acres.

Being a family-owned company, Mackwoods has been led by successive generations who have all been professionals in their own right, and have consistently preserved the principles and family values of the group. This is also borne out by the commitment and dedication of our employees at all levels, who have played a pivotal role in our progress.

“End of Year” ICT Exams at the Rural ICT Literacy Centre
Rural youth sitting their “End of Year” ICT Exams at the Rural ICT Literacy centre, Clyde Estate.
Agalawatte records best ever performance in 2007
Daily News - 6 March 2008

Agalawatte Plantations PLC (APL), the Mackwoods Group Plantation company has recorded a turnover of Rs. 1.88 billion and a net profit of Rs. 165.3 million in 2007, both of which are the highest in its history.

Commenting on the results, Chairman of Agalawatte Plantations, and Chairman of the Mackwoods Group, Dr. Chris Nonis, said this profit, which translates to a record EPS of 6.6 and an increase of 88% on last year, is commendable, considering the unexpected wage increase granted to the workers in November 2007, the escalation of input costs and the negative impact of the previous year's strike.

Visit by MBA Graduates from INSEAD Business School, France
Visit of MBA Graduates from INSEAD Business School, France to Mackwoods ICT Literacy Centre,
for rural Tamil, Sinhalese & Muslim youth at Clyde Estate.
Visit by MBA Graduates from INSEAD Business School, France
Visit of MBA Graduates from INSEAD Business School, France to Mackwoods ICT Literacy Centre,
for rural Tamil, Sinhalese & Muslim youth at Culloden Estate.
Agalawatte plantations records 1.88 billion revenue in 2007
Daily Mirror - 6 March 2008

Agalawatte Plantations PLC (APL),  a subsidiary of the Mackwoods Group Plantation company has recorded a turnover of Rs.1.88 Billion and a net profit of Rs. 165.3 Million in 2007.Agalawatte Plantations Chairman and also Chairman of the Mackwoods Group, Dr. Chris Nonis  said that this profit, which translates to a record EPS of Rs 6.6 and an increase of 88% on last year, is commendable.

Launch of Trilingual I.C.T syllabus in Sinhala, Tamil & English for Rural Youth

In concert with the National Policy on ICT and English Literacy, a pioneering multilingual (Sinhala, Tamil & English) syllabus was developed and launched by Mackwoods Infotech and Mackwoods IT, supported by the Mackwoods Research Foundation on ICT and English Literacy, aimed at equipping our rural youth with global skills and providing future international job opportunities

Mackwoods Tea at the Export Promotion display and Sales Centre of EDB at Bandaranaike Intertational Airport
2 Febuary 2008
A Mackwoods Fine Tea Shop was opened to add to our existing Mackwoods Mackwoods Tea Shop. Our Single Estate Fine Ceylon teas are now showcased in the Export Development Board display and sales centre at the Departure Terminal of the BIA, Katunayake. This new Export initiative was opened in February 2008 by Prof. G.L. Pieris, Minister of Export Development and International Trade.
Dr. Chris Nonis with the Children during the New Year Festivities at Mackwoods Tea Estate
Dr. Chris Nonis with the children during the Sinhala & Tamil New Year Festivities at Mackwoods Tea Estate, Nuwara-Eliya.
The "Sriyani Nonis Challenge Trophy" 2007 Winners
The "Sriyani Nonis Challenge Trophy" for the Best Overall Social & Welfare Programme, awarded to Ajith Kobbekaduwa and P.A. Lakshman of
Culloden Estate
We remember with utmost gratitude, the invaluable contribution made to the Plantation Industry by our former Chairperson, the Late Mrs. Sriyani Nonis. She had the unique distinction of being the only Sri Lankan female to head a Plantation Company and her vision was for APL to be the benchmark among Plantation Companies. She cared deeply for the community and always maintained a strong commitment to the Social Development and Welfare of the Plantation community.

As a tribute to the substantial contribution made by the late Mrs. Nonis in social development and upliftment of the estate community, and in concert with her passion for excellence, “The Sriyani Nonis   Challenge Trophies” were presented to those who achieved excellence during the year.  The first such award was for Social and Community Programmes in the plantations, whilst the other two were for the Best Performance in the Rubber and Tea Sectors.

Hearing Impaired Children Performing at the Mackwoods' 165th Anniversary
Children from the 'St.Joseph's school for the Hearing Impaired' performing at the 165th Anniversary of the Mackwoods Group.
H.R.H. Prince Charles

His Royal Highness, Prince Charles, with Dr. Chris Nonis, Chairman Mackwoods Group of Companies.



Another Agalawatte Plantations Initiative
Dail Mirror - 9 August 2007
Agalawatte Plantations held an Award Ceremony recently for bought leaf suppliers of tea in the Ratnapura Region, a press release said. This ceremony was the first of its kind to be organized by a Plantation Company, and is recognition of the contribution made by suppliers at all levels, towards the industry.
Celebrating World Children's Day on Culloden Estate
Sriyani Nonis – she was always there like a beacon
Daily Mirror - 5 July 2007
Late Chairperson
Mrs. Sriyani Nonis
A true and sincere friend is a gift from God. A very close, caring, sharing and an enduring friendship is, indeed, a very special blessing. I was very fortunate in being so blessed for more than half a century, immersed in a wonderful association with Sriyani, my dearest and best friend since we were little school children.

I pen this tribute on a very personal note to my friend, Sriyani, with a great deal of sadness and a deep sense of loss. It is two years since you left us. Or, is it that long? I’m confused. No, you have not left us for I feel your presence very much among us in spirit.
Afternoon Tea at Westminister House to Celebrate Queen's Birthday
HI MAGAZINE - 27June 2007
The British High Commissioner Dominick Chilcott invited guests to an Afternoon Tea at the Westminister House, to celebrate the birthday of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. It was also an opportunity to view 'Quest', an exhibition by Anoma Wijewardene. Cool cottos reigned the day, when the stylish ladies of Colombo donned floral dresses to suit the occasion! Cool too, in both senses of the world was the delicious Iced Tea served courtesy Mackwoods!
Salute to a true and sincere friendship over the years
The Sunday Times - 10 June 2007
A true and sincere friend is a gift from God. A close, caring, sharing and enduring friendship is, indeed, a special blessing. I was fortunate in being so blessed for more than half a century, immersed in a wonderful association with Sriyani, my dearest and best friend since we were little schoolchildren. I pen this tribute on a personal note to my friend, Sriyani, with a lot of sadness and deep sense of loss. It is two years since you left us. Or, is it that long? I’m confused. No, you have not left us; I feel your presence among us in spirit.
Agalawatte Plantations posts highest ever turnover
Sunday, April 22, 2007 - The Sunday Times
Agalawatte Plantations posted its highest ever turnover of Rs.1.32 billion and a net profit of Rs.90.3 million for 2006 which is a near three fold increase compared to 2005. Chairman Dr. Chris Nonis, in his annual statement, attributed this to the company's focus on product quality and strict financial discipline, while noting that the results would have been much better, if not for the cumulative adverse impact of the island-wide plantation sector‘go slow’ campaign and strike; increased wages which came into effect in November; removal of the fertilizer subsidy; and escalating input costs.
Lankan heavyweights set up joint palm oil mill worth Rs 250 million
Financial Times - 25 February 2007
AEN Board Members
The joint venture Crude Palm Oil (CPO) mill AEN Palm Oil Processing (Pvt) Ltd. set up by Agalawatte Plantations Ltd. Elpitiya Plantations Ltd. and Namunukula Plantations Ltd. owned Mackwoods, Aitken Spence and Richard Pieris under the company (AENP) commenced commercial production recently.
Dr. Chris Nonis with the Estate Community
Dr. Chris Nonis with the Estate community at Frotoft Estate   Mr. Lalith Fonseka & Dr. Chris Nonis with the Estate community at Mackwoods Tea Estate
Mackwoods celebrate 165 years of success
Tuesday, December 12, 2006 - Financial Times
Mackwoods Limited celebrated its 165th Anniversary with a reception recently.

This landmark event was attended by a large cross-section of individuals from the Political, Diplomatic, Mercantile, and Professional sectors spanning the breadth of Mackwoods Group’s diverse business activities and marking the significant contribution made by Mackwoods in the development of the national economy. This historic occasion was also attended by Sir Michael McWilliam, K.C.M.G, who proposed the Toast and also saw a performance by the children from St. Joseph’s School for the Hearing Impaired, Kuliyapitiya.
Agalawatte Plantations wins Gold at National Business Excellence Awards
Friday, November 24, 2006 - Daily Mirror
Agalawatte Plantations Limited (APL) – a member of the Mackwoods Group, was adjudged the winner of the National Business Excellence Award for the Agriculture & Plantations Sector at the recently concluded National Business Excellence Awards 2006 organised by the National Chamber of Commerce.
Healthcare, Nutrition & Gender Programmes, Housing & Estate Worker Institutions
Annual Report 2006
A majority of the trainees from the sewing centre on Frotoft estate have been successful in finding  employment and further batches were trained in 2006. 

Awareness programmes on dengue, chickungunya, oral cancer,  tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS and other communicable diseases have been conducted on all estates.


Training, Development & Fostering Education of Estate Children

Annual Report 2006

Training programmes for capacity building of employees at all levels of were conducted with the assistance of the Rubber Research Institute.  Tea Research Institute, the Planters’ Association and the National Institute of Plantation Management.

Tourist get a taste of tea plucking at Mackwoods Tea Estate

Annual Report 2006
Tourist getting ready for the Tea Plucking Competition
It was a noel experience for both local and foreign visitors who were present at Mackwoods Tea Estate in Nuwara Eliya recently when the estate organized a tea plucking competition. For the foreign tourists, expecially those from the United Kingdom, it was a brew they had enjoyed for generations but had never had the opportunity to see how it was produced. But on that day they saw it all, from the moment the raw green leaves were plucked from the bush to the stage when if finally came to your home in the form of golden brown tea leaves ready for that invigorating brew...
Agalawatte plantations in a diversification drive

March 6, 2006 - Financial Times
Agalawatte Plantations is planning to set up a crude palm oil processing plant at the company’s Mohamedi estate in Kalutara district together with Elpitiya and Namunukula plantations.

It is also looking at expanding its leisure sector portfolio in an aggressive diversification drive.
Dr. Chris Nonis, Chairman, Agalawatte Plantations – reporting the company’s highest turnover to date with Rs.1.129 billion for 2005, three percent above 2004 in the latest annual report -- said that construction work of the plant will be commissioned by mid 2006.

Presentation of Ambulances by the Plantation Development Trust (PHDT)
January 1, 2006 - The Island
Presentation of the Ambulances

Five ambulances were provide by the Plantation Human Development Trust (PHDT) of Nuwara Eliya for the benefit of estate workers recently. Pictured here is Mackwoods Chairman, Dr. Chris Nonis presenting the keys of an ambulance to Lal Perera, Deputy General Manager, Mackwoods Plantations.

Lalith Fonseka a member of the Developing Nations Committee
January 2006 - IFACC
Lalith Fonseka became a member of the Developing Nations Committee in January 2006. He was nominated by the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA). Mr. Fonseka has over 25 years experience in finance and business. He is currently the joint managing director of Mackwoods Limited and managing director of Mackwoods Plantations (Pvt) Limited. He is also a director of several companies within the Mackwoods Group.
Agalawatte Plantations starts harvesting oil palm crop
March 20, 2005 -Financial Times
Agalawatte Plantations Ltd. (APL) has completed its programme of planting 1,000 hectares with oil palm and has begun harvesting the crop with a palm oil mill expected to be commissioned later this year.

The company's chairperson N.S.O. Nonis has told shareholders that rubber and tea prices are expected to remain strong owing to improved and steady demand.

Agalawatte Plantations went in for a three crop plantation with oil palm being an alternative crop to reduce its reliance on tea and rubber whose fortunes have fluctuated over the years. The company recorded a profit before tax of Rs. 50 million for the year 2004 compared to Rs. 52 million the year before.

Mackwoods Tea at Buckingham Palace
Daily News
Director of Mackwoods Ltd., with J.Middleborough
at Buckingham Palace, London
Mackwoods 160th Anniversary Blend presented to the
Mayor of Lewisham by Chairperson, Mackwoods Ltd., Sriyani Nonis at the Mackwoods Tea Marquee, World Tea Party, in London
The name Mackwoods is synonymous with high quality Ceylon tea, as the company has been associated with tea almost since its inception.

Jonathan Swift said that “Tea is water bewitched”. This describes the refreshing flavour of Mackwoods Mackwoods Tea Shop, surrounded by the lush green tea plantations of Mackwoods Tea Estate enroute to Nuwara-Eliya. This is a warm and welcome sight for many a traveler, both local and international. Over the years, the Mackwoods Mackwoods Tea Shop has refreshed and rejuvenated the young and old from across the globe, with its freshly brewed ‘cuppa’ and its mouth-watering chocolate cake.

Visitors are given an invaluable insight in to the process by which the ‘two leaves and bud’ so deftly plucked by nimble tea pluckers are transformed into the aromatic tea which is served at this center.

The Mackwoods Tea marquee at the world tea Party, hosted by the Horniman Museum in London famed for its association with the tea trade. Provided the opportunity for many to enjoy the special flavour of Mackwoods tea marquee offered visitors a delectable rang of Ceylon teas including flavoured teas such as chamomile and mint.

Different grades of single estate Mackwoods tea to satisfy all plates. As well as special blends such as the unique Mackwoods 160th anniversary blend for the discerning tea connoisseur.

Mackwoods directors were accorded the unique privilege of presenting the Mackwoods ‘Queens Golden Jubilee Blend’ at Buckingham Palace, London.  This connoisseur’s blend, which carried the official Golden Jubilee Logo, was specially created to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Throughout its philosophy of commitment to quality. Mackwoods established in 1841. Continues this tradition of excellence in Ceylon tea internationally.

Agalawatte Plantations pre-tax profit increases to Rs.52 million from Rs.4 million in 2002
Monday, 26 April 2004 - Daily News
Agalawatte Plantations (Pvt) Ltd, a member of the Mackwoods Group has recorded a Rs. 52 million profit before tax for the year 2003 compared to a profit of Rs. 4 million in 2002. The company attributes improved rubber prices, the manufacturing of quality products in both tea and rubber, productivity gains and strict control of expenses as contributory factors for the growth in profit. The company's tea turnover has increased by 5% to Rs. 513 million with the production increase offsetting the marginal decline in the NSAs. With improved revenue from both rubber and tea, the overall company turnover has grown to a record of Rs. 929, a 23% increase over 2002.
Die Teefabrik von Mackwoods gehrt zu denen
Die Teefabrik von Mackwoods gehört zu denen, die trotz Angst vor Werksspionage auch heute noch besichtigt werden kann. Fotografieren ist jedoch in weiten Teilen der Anlage verboten, nachdem US-Amerikaner ein paar Blätter auf dem Boden fotografiert haben und der Fabrik anschließend in einer Fernsehsendung unhygienische Verarbeitungsweisen vorgeworfen wurden.
Cercle Diplomatique et Economique International
Ceylon, as such, ceased to exist in 1972, when the name of the country as changed to Sri Lanka, but ”Ceylon” tea persists as the embodiment of one of the worlds’s finest beverages, and indelibly associated in international circles with Ceylon tea is the name Mackwoods. Cercle Diplomatique et Economique International looked into the reason for this long-standing link and found the answer in a interview with Mrs. Sriyani Nonis, Chairperson of Mackwoods.
Founded in 1841 by the British “Merchant & Agent” Captain William Mackwood, Mackwoods Limited has the distinction of being the second oldest company in Sri Lanka. Surviving two world wars, the Compant remained with the Mackwoods family until 1956 when the ownership passed into the hands of the visionary Sri Lankan entrepreneur N.S.O.Mendis. Under his inspired leadership the company expanded into many areas, and today, Mackwoods is a conglomerate of several companies engaged in such diverse activities as Agribusiness and Plantations, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Information Technology and Import/Export Trading. The present Chairperson of the company is the daughter of N.S.O. Mendis, Mrs. Sriyani Nonis, and in the third generation her daughter Mrs. Nirmali Samaratunga, and her son, Dr. Chris Nonis, are on the Board of Directors.
Fine Tea Tasting and Opera in Europe
Wednesday, 3 September 2003 - Daily News
Almost 350 years after tea was first sold in England (i.e. in 1657) an elite gathering was hosted to an event - the first of it's kind where those present went through the motions of fine tea tasting and opera, in exclusive venues in London in June 2002. Along with this unique event was live Opera on hand to entertain the guests on a warm summer afternoon - and the whole exercise turned out to be an outright success with encores for more.

Unique is how one could describe such an event - for after all, when have we even heard of fine tea tasting and an opera going hand in hand? But this is exactly what happened when Sri Lanka's second oldest company - Mackwoods Ltd.

Mackwoods Teas… Rich in Tradition, Richer in Taste
August 2003 - Explore Sri Lanka
Nestled amidst the picturesque hills along the road from Kandy to Nuwara-Eliya lies the charming Mackwoods Mackwoods Tea Shop. Natasha Akolawala dropped in to try a ‘cuppa’.

The Mackwoods Mackwoods Tea Shop is popular for a freshly brewed premium cup of tea from the misty hills, enjoyed with a piece of rich home-made chocolate cake beside a magical view. The Centre offers true ‘tea culture’ with an instructive tour around the tea factory to understand the finer points in tea production and its proud heritage. The staff is able to converse in English, French and German. A variety of events such as tea plucking competitions and tea tasting which are enjoyed by -

multitude of international and local visitors rank high in popularity whilst the Vesak lantern festival is an example of an event organized for a special occasion.

At the Tea Centre a selection of the finest quality aromatic graded Mackwoods teas are available; ranging from blended high grown to single estate teas like the Mackwoods estate teas. What makes the Tea Centre refreshingly unique is that it’s a place where fragrant teas are hand-plucked, packed and sold garden fresh right where it is grown.

The Mackwoods Gift Teas selection offers something for everyone and is presented in a wide range of pack sizes and designs, with tea flavoured with lemon, Earl Grey, strawberry, mint, cinnamon etc, and exclusive collections of gift teas packed in exquisitely crafted ceramic, delicate porcelain, terra cotta and wood containers, soft-toys and intricately carved brass and silver-plated tea chests and tea canisters

Courageous re-engineering leads to turnaround at Weddemulle
Thursday, 28 August 2003 - Financial Times
Restructuring, re-engineering and change management are buzz words in business today. Management gurus are brought in to analyse companies that are under-performing and invariably, re-engineering is proposed as the solution. But often, this process deals with changing the structures of management, modifying the chain of command and rationalizing manpower resources and core business areas. It is far less common for products and production processes to undergo change.

The Weddemulle estate managed by Agalawatte Plantations of the Mackwoods Group is a classic case of farsighted and courageous re-engineering at the grassroots. Among the first estates to take the drastic step of switching from high grown rotorvane tea production to pure orthodox low grown type of leafy grades, Weddemulle has been followed by many others today, with noteworthy results.
Tea and New Year fun at the "Mackwoods " Tea Shop
Daily News, 2003
Mackwoods Mackwoods Tea Shop
Surrounded by lush green tea plantations on the Kandy/Nuwara Eliya route, nestling amidst the Central Hills is the warm and welcome sight for many a traveller; the, "Mackwoods" tea Shop.

Over the Years the "Mackwoods" tea Shop has refresh and rejuvenated thousands of people young and old from across the globe, with its freshly brewed "cuppa" and its hallmark mouthwatering chocolate cake.

Renewing Old Ties
Business Today, November 1998
Sriyani Nonis, Chairperson Mackwoods Group of Companies, speaks of their role in the Plantatons sector in an interview with "Business Toady"

When and how did Mackwoods begin operations?
This business was founded in 1841 by Captain Mackwoods. He commenced business as merchant and agent under the name of W.M.Mackwoods. His family members who succeeded him thereafter developed the business into a partnership and in 1953 incorporated the business as a limited liability company. In 1956 its ownership was passed on to N.S.O.Mendis. In the post independence Mackwoods held sawy as a leading establishment in the new Ceylonese economy.

What are your main linew of business?
Mackwoods Group is a conglomerate of several companies engaged in diverse activities such as trading, manufacturing, travel services and plantation management. We are also involved in the manufacturing and marketing of pharmaceuticals through a joint venture with SmithKline Beecham of UK.
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